Introducing you to Braw Beard Oils


Founder: John Jackson


BRAW: ‘Fine, Good or Pleasing’.

E.g. ‘That’s a mighty braw beard you have!’

To start off 2016, we decided to launch our very own blog to keep you up to date with new products, deals and what’s going on behind the scenes. Why not eh? For those of you new to Braw Beard Oils, we look forward to working with you. Here’s a bit about us:

Who are we?

We are the favourite beard grooming brand you’ll have heard so much about. Making waves worldwide, we’re proud to be made in Scotland. We specialise in handmade beard care products made from natural oils to tame that facial fuzz. That’s not all, we have our all new shaving products and an awesome range of street wear.12247061_497920893711369_526739145458907605_n


Our oils can be used for dry skin and split ends. Ladies can appreciate our products just as much as men.

Model: Katie MacDonald

Photographer: Colin usher




In 2015, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a limited edition beard oil. We hosted a birthday bash which brought together our Braw Family. We are proud to endorse some brilliant athletes as well as some braw lads that will become familiar faces to you with our promo shoots.

Look out for these faces:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



What’s Next?

We have lots of exciting things lined up this year, watch this space! Stay social with braw and keep updated with all of our latest.











Braw Beard Oils


Author: Felicity Pearson


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