Braw’s Buy of the Month


Photographer – Colin Usher. Model – Steven Hardie Colgan

With this being our second blog post we wanted to give you more of an insight into our products, after all, that’s what makes us great! This month we’ve selected our two Braw Buys of the Month and with a little help from our friends we’re going to tell you why they’re flavour of the month.

Braw Buys of the Month

Thrilla in Vanilla, Beard Balm

ButterThrillaOur most recent addition to the Braw family, with it’s delicious scent you will be hooked. The aim of our beard oils are to provide a conditioner for your beard, the perfect remedy for dry hair. Beard balm also helps style your beard and keep those stray hairs tame. Some men suffer from irritated/ dry skin when growing a beard and our beard balm moisturises and soothes the skin underneath.  Shop Now

Wulver, Beard Oil

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 13.32.19.png

As you might tell from the name, beard oils are our signature product. Made with our natural oils, Wulver provides the nourishment your beard needs most. Replacing the natural oils that can get lost in the wild winter weather or dried out in the sun. With it’s own signature scent of a sweet musk, this beard oil is a must have for your collection. Shop Now




Now you’ve heard from us, it’s time to hear from one of our awesome members of the #Brawtherhood

KennyFleetham2Kenny Fleetham : Ambassador for @Brawbeardoils

We interviewed Kenny to hear the latest news in the world of ice hockey and what makes Braw stand out to him in the world of men’s grooming.

“What coming up with the North Ayrshire Wild?” 

‘We have 4 away games and 1 home game left in the 2015/16 season and this Sunday will be a big test for us as we play Edinburgh Capitals at Murrayfield Sunday 31st Jan Face off 5:30pm

I am extremely proud to wear a North Ayrshire Wild jersey. It’s been a great season for us, at the start of the season we were struggling to find enough body’s to have a team! The Club and players have worked so hard this season and it’s great to be a part of it! We sit 2nd in the league right now and still have a big test ahead of us! I would like to thank all at North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club for working so hard to make this season a success!’

“What are your favourite Braw Products?” 
‘In a big fan of Wulver Braw beard oil because it keeps my beard soft and the scent is manly! Thrilla in Vanilla has got to be my favourite beard butter. The scent last for ages and it’s a light and refreshing vanilla that the Mrs loves to get her nose in to.’

“What do you think the secret to growing an awesome beard is?”

‘Well…. being the only full bearded player on my team, the rest of the team really need to put the razors down! The Beard has become the talking point in the changing room on a few occasions and I am referred to as Beardy by team mates and work mates so with that I feel I’ve achieved great beardness haha! Braw beard oil keeps my beard soft, healthy and smelling great, I couldn’t live my bearded life without it!’

Best of luck to the North Ayrshire Wild for their big game this Sunday! You can follow the results on their website.

Author: Felicity Pearson


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