What makes us BRAW?

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 Founder: John Jackson


EST. 2012

In our 5th blog post we thought it was time to tell you more about us as a brand and why you should join our #brawtherhood.

Braw Beard Oils was founded by John Jackson, who made it his mission to create a recipe that would keep your beard looking healthy after sports and outdoor activity. Through extensive research John created the almighty Braw Beard Oils, a collection of products made from all natural oils designed to maintain the health of your majestic facial hair.  Since then it has been an amazing journey, constantly learning, coming up with new products and ideas, creating new friendships and meeting inspirational people.  Our aim is to continually provide high quality products for a fair price. We are stocked in a vast range of stores which are all available to see on our website, so check out if we are sold near you.



Why use Beard Products?

Growing a beard can cause skin irritation, using beard care products keeps your skin hydrated and your beard well nourished. It’s essential to a healthy beard and adds a natural shine by restoring the oils lost in various weather/ outdoor activities. Plus.. they smell amazing!




Our loyal band of Brawthers, created to show appreciation to each and every one of you who have shown their support of Braw Beard Oils. Available to see on our page. Includes our sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors. All Beards welcome, be a part of something awesome.

What makes Braw…Braw?

”Handmade in Scotland, we use the finest natural ingredients to maintain the health, length and strength of your facial hair. Take pride in it, it grows for a reason, Braw Beard Oils are for the wild man, the working man, the gentleman, whatever stage you may be at, from stubble to skiffin’ rubble.” – John Jackson


Kyle Flemington: Ambassador for @Brawbeardoils

Ice Hockey Player for The Edinburgh Capitals

‘ Our followers want to know, what are your favourite Braw Products?’
“My favourite and most used products would definitely have to be the vanilla beard butter.
1. because my lady loves the smell of it
2. because it works wonders on dry skin underneath all the hair.
As for oils the Heather would have to be my favourite because I feel it gives the freshest scent on your beard. And of course the Braw beard comb, who can groom a nice beard without running that through it a couple times.”
‘In your experience, how do you grow and awesome beard?’
“The secret to growing and awesome beard is to just take care of it, make it look pretty and manly at the same time.”
To all followers of our BrawBeardOils Blog, We are offering you 10% off all products!
Simply enter the code BRAWBLOG at the checkout. Keep up to date on social media for updates on products, promotions and hear more from our athletes. Join the #Brawtherhood. 
Our clothing sale starts today so check it out and grab a bargain!




Braw Beard Oils



Braw Beard Oils







Author: Felicity Pearson



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