Braw: Not Just For Men


13072087_10156784751275368_1540280131_oModel: Kirstie Smillie
Photographer: Andrea Hay

As you know over at Braw Beard Oils, we are famous for our delicious range of bearded rescue remedies and awesome street style. However, in this blog post we want to give a shout out to the girls. Braw isn’t just for the bearded but the beautiful too.


Model: Katie Macdonald
Photographer: Colin Usher

Skin Care

Our beard oils are made from 100% natural oils, we know because we hand make ’em! With a delectable scent, our oils are full of nourishment for dry skin. Many of our Braw ladies buy our beard oils to replace lost oils in their skin with incredible results. Pocket size, easy to carry rescue remedy for fighting the impact of our ever changing weather.



 Hair Care

The main aim of our beard oils is to provide nourishment, prevent hair drying out and give a healthy shine so you can rock those locks with pride. Our Braw Babes buy our beard oils to use on the ends of their hair to prevent split ends. Works a treat! With the added bonus that it smells AWESOME!





Something we are proud to see styling the streets is our range of clothing. With our trademark logo, our collection of designs is ever-growing. Last week saw the launch of our newest line of t-shirts and snapbacks which made a quick impact on our #Brawtherhood with selfies adding up on our social media. More proof that Braw is Not Just For Men..

The Question is..
Who wears it best?
Babes Vs. Beards

On our latest shoot we caught up with one of our models Kirstie Smillie;12072782_543813585788766_7163849410658583490_n.jpg

“You’ve been modelling with Braw for a while, what do you like most about working with the Braw team?”
Always good fun. Always. I get to clown around with Braw and have a blast. They also have put so much effort into having a range of products so that there is something for everyone. Even us ladies!
“What is your favourite item on the new streetwear collection?”
The new hats! 100%. All the little details show the effort that has went into the designing of them too.
“What’s your top tip for other Braw Babes to add to their kit?”
Being a pretend blonde I need to look after my hair. Any other ladies who imposters like myself will understand. The Arctic Explorer 1813 conditioner is amazing not only on those fuzzy faces but great on my own hair. Our manes take a thrashing at times but this helped me keep it healthy.

Author: Felicity Pearson

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