Beards aren’t just for Christmas

13094271_560103544159770_7651921967838571377_nModel: Steven Hardie Colgan
Photographer: Colin Usher

Beards aren’t just for Christmas

With the sun playing hide and seek and gradually making it’s grand entrance for Summer, we know a lot of you bearded fella’s might be tempted to just shave it off and be done with it all together. WARNING.. You will regret it! 

Summer doesn’t have to be filled with beardless baby faces and t-shirt tans. It’s for the Bearded and the Brave! Here’s some tips for surviving summer with an awesome beard.

‘Aargh, won’t my skin get irritated and itchy from the heat?’
‘Will my beard dry out?!’



Braw Beard Balms are a pocket sized life saver when it comes to summer essentials. The Beard balm (scented/ unscented) provides moisture to the skin preventing it from drying out and combats flaking. Beard Balm also acts as a cooling addition tackling any fear’s of over heating.





We even have a special offer online with one of our wooden combs and beard butter combo. The comb is a great way of removing any dandruff and keeping the beard looking sharp.

Only £18.99




LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Drumroll please…Braw-Screen-640x320

Braw Beard Oils

Our trademark beard oils come in a range of delicious scents that will keep you feeling fresh throughout summer.. and the ladies love ’em! Our oils are tailor made to provide nourishment to the hair and replace oils lost in different weather conditions and this especially applies to summer. In the heat, it’s natural we all think our hair will dry out. Using Braw Beard Oils is a great way to prevent this happening while creating a healthy shine to your beard. Simply apply a few drops to your beard and you’ll be free to roll up your sleeves and embrace the sun.


Look out for our next blog featuring THE Braw Beard Experience at Mohair. 

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Author: Felicity Pearson

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