Who’s the Brawest of them all?

So, you’ve heard about some of our impressive athletes and products and we’ll continue to introduce you to more familiar faces in our Braw Brood. However, today we want to introduce you to the main man and genius behind Braw Beard Oils, the one, the only;

‘Mr Braw’


Scotland – born and bred, from a young age he was heavily into sports, living off adrenaline. In 2011, John was in a mountain biking accident which left him with separated shoulders and a broken back, taking him out of racing. With such heavy injuries, John took a long time recovering with the help of Dr White who specialised in traditional Chinese medicine. Having been introduced to ‘TCM’, this is where he learnt about blending natural and essential oils and their benefits for using them in sports and tui na massage.  As time went on, he began to tailor make recipes for conditioning his beard. Having spent so much time outdoors on his bikes, he knew the damage that weather impacts on a beard day to day. It was here that he sought out to create the perfect blends for the perfect beard. Only a year later, 2012 he founded Braw Beard Oils. Little did he know then, this beard brand would grow into The Brawtherhood, worn worldwide with pride. Stocked in 25 stores in cities all over the globe, Braw Beard Oils has expanded into street wear and created it’s own brand image.

John is still involved with every aspect of the business and takes pride in his work. If you follow Braws social media, you’ll regularly see his face at photoshoots, events or even just showing off Braw’s Merch. It’s a rare sighting to see him wearing anything other than Braw’s signature logo.




Having created a brand with a loyal following and a team who enjoy their roles in helping Braw grow bigger and better, Braw Beard Oils is set for great things ahead.

I interviewed John to hear from the man himself;

‘Why/How did you start Braw, one oil at a time?’
‘After breaking my back mountain biking in July 2011, I was going through rehabilitation with my sports therapist Richard White. He offered to teach me sports massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whilst studying, I was making my own massage oils, this then lead to making beard oils. In late 2012, Braw Beard Oils was born. I started off with what is now Wulver. As it stands, Wulver is still one of the favourites! The branding was pretty much the same then as it is now. The skull with black and white branding. We introduced a little colour to the labels later though.’

 ‘Now, asking you to pick a favourite oil is like asking who your favourite kid is.. so we son’t do that. So tell us, what oil are you using right now?’
‘The oil i am using at the moment is Arctic Explorer 1813 with a little unscented beard butter on top.’


‘What’s your proudest moment on your journey with Braw?’

‘I get proud everytime I see someone with Braw products. I love to see people enjoying our brand. One moment that will always be with me was when Fred Durst phoned and asked if I wanted to hang out with him in Hollywood! We are friends so it wasn’t out of the blue, but being a fan of Limp Bizkit and to be invited to crash at his house is pretty damn cool.

What’s your goals for Braw in the future?’‘I try to make the best products that I can so to have people worldwide enjoying them is very satisfying.’

With a strong team of athletes, stockists, endorsed models, co-workers and of course, The Brawtherhood, it’s clear John has created a brand that will continue to grow with support from all over the world. Watch this space.. and grow that beard!

Author: Felicity Pearson

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