BRAW: All Things New

What’s New?

A whole lot! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes in creating our newest assets to The Braw Brand. Where to start?

The Jarls Northman 1263


The Newest Member to join our Black Series. It’ll be a Braw addition to the line up to sit next to The Grand Eckson 1918 and The Arctic Explorer 1813. Like our other beard oils alot of care was taken in achieving the perfect blend of natural oils and to create it’s trademark scent. The Jarls Northman 1263 unleashes a deep wooden scent which made us think of Viking longboats. This inspired the name 1263 which was the battle of Largs between the Scots and Vikings, both sides claiming victory, a patriotic twist.

Celebrating our newest oil we’re hosting our newest competition! ENTER NOW to win you’re very own bottle of The Jarls Northman 1263. Here’s how:


This summer might not have been the brightest we’ve seen but if you’re anything like us you don’t wanna be caught out with T-shirt Tans. Tomorrow we’re releasing our first range of Vest Tops. In honour of our Brawtherhood, we’re sticking out our latest design theme with our signature logo in the mix. We want to see them on you so once you’ve grabbed yours send us a picture with it. How do you wear yours?!

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Last but not least, we’ve upgraded one of our original best sellers, our Beard Butters. They say great things come in small packages.. why not make them bigger?! Our beard butters are now available in double the original size. Our original containers hold 30ml so the new ones hold 60ml. Official Release Date is 29th July. 

Author: Felicity Pearson

To all followers of our BrawBeardOils Blog, We are offering you 10% off all products!

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