Braw Beard: Black Series





If you haven’t seen our latest concoction of natural oils in it’s slick black bottle with red trim.. then you haven’t been online.

Making it’s grand entrance into The World of Braw, we started out with a competition where we gave our Brawthers the chance to win the First Jarle Northman 1263. We’ve had a great time looking through all your entries and are happy to announce the very deserving winner:




So here’s what you want to know about this delectable new oil that should grace your face with it’s addictive scent.


Our New honorary Member to join our Black Series had to be well planned to make be the right fit to our original collection. With their trademark scent, there’s something that tells the Black Series apart from the rest of our oils and this one would be no exception; A Braw addition to the line up to sit next to The Grand Eckson 1918 and The Arctic Explorer 1813. John sat racking his brain (and no doubt admiring his beard in a nearby mirror) for the correct mixture of oils that would be most effective, Like our other beard oils a lot of care was taken in achieving the perfect blend of natural oils and to create it’s trademark scent. Striking Gold, The Jarls Northman 1263 unleashes a deep wooden scent which made us think of Viking longboats. This inspired the name 1263 which was the battle of Largs between the Scots and Vikings, both sides claiming victory, a patriotic twist.

13903312_603740036462787_1786317157918200096_n.jpgWithin a few days The Jarls Northman 1263 was SOLD OUT! A brilliant reception to our new creation. Back in stock and ready for battle, Braw quickly produced another batch ready to brace the sales. If suffer from a serious case of FOMO – FEAR OF MISSING OUT.. rest at ease, we have them available to order now online!


Author: Felicity Pearson

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