The Braw lads hit the road again this weekend taking the brand on one of it’s most exciting expeditions yet. You probably didn’t miss their live stream of pictures throughout but incase you did, here’s what happened.

Braw Beard Oils packed up their kit, ironed out those tees and headed over to The Ulster GP in Northern Ireland. Alongside their Brawthers from Mohair Barbers, the weekend was a mashup of familiar faces, celebrations and good ole fashioned Beard Banter.


The famous BBO Tent stood proud amongst the race track with a swarm of racers keen to get a taste of The Braw Experience.

Road racing legends Bruce Anstey and Glenn Irwin stopped by the Braw stand for some craic and a tidy up.

They even gave it a shot themselves… on the braver beards.


Braw Athlete, Jamie Coward hit the track sporting his custom made Gear with our trademark logo in pride of place.We don’t want to take all the credit you might say we were good luck when Jamie placed 7th, 9th, 11th (twice) & 12th on board the RC Express bikes.


Never a dull moment with this lad, Lee Johnston wearing his Braw headwear around the pits and during his interview with the BBC!


Our latest addition to our line up of Braw Athletes – Matt Nickerson, Defence for The Belfast Giants Belfast Giant’s dropped by the Braw HQ to sign some autographs and enjoy the racing.

Mohair performed a charity transformation on a gentleman for Lee’s charity F13k Cancer. Read more on F13k Cancer or make a donation in order to help Lee in raising money towards this charity.

With a sweet scent of Braw left lingering in the air, Braw packed up their gear and headed home (after a quick visit to the pub, rude not to?!). An awesome weekend was had by all. Until next time Ireland!


Author: Felicity Pearson

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