So, you’ve grown an awesome beard? Now you need to learn how to keep it in good condition. Luckily, we’ve perfected the ingredients for our range of beard Rescue Remedies. In this feature we’re going to talk you through the products available and how to use them. After you’ve read this, you’ll be a pro!




Each beard is different so the first step is identifying what your beard needs and finding the right products for you. Beard Oils deeply moisturise both the hair and the skin underneath. Natural oils can be lost in tackling the ever-changing weather conditions so the hair can become dry and brittle. Braw Beard Oils restore the natural oils and give your beard a nice, healthy shine with a subtle scent that keeps it fresh feeling. A great way of preventing dry skin while keeping your beard feeling soft. Beard oil is an on-the-go, quick hit, easy fix to your beard.

How to Use

Beard Oil is very simple to use, there’s no right or wrong way to use it.
Basic Application: After washing your face/ having a shower, apply a few drops of the oil to your palm, spread evenly over both hands and rub over your beard. Work it into the roots to ensure you’re getting a good coverage and reaching the skin at the same time. Killing two birds with one oil!
Beard Oil will last until it is washed off however, you can re-apply throughout the day if you prefer. It won’t make the hair greasy, it will only add to the delicious scent and give an extra shine. If your beard is particularly dry, an extra dose of oils will only further re-plenish the nourishing oils. SHOP THE RANGE



One thing that people struggle with the most is keeping their beard in shape. Your beard likes to take the lead and go it’s own way so often you can be left fighting strays. Beard Butter is a silky smooth compact serum that really helps combat the beard and makes you the boss. The butter properties are what smoothes and softens the hair and moisturise the skin underneath. Often when growing your beard your skin can become dry and flakey. Working in the beard butter really balances out the skin. We recommend using our Braw Beard Comb as it exfoliates the dead skin underneath the beard while combing the butter through the hair. The density of the beard butter is what gives your beard a great hold and a healthy shine.


Beard butter is usually applied after Beard oil however, it can be used on it’s own. Simply take a small amount onto your finger and rub between the fingertips until it melts to a thick liquid. Work through the ends and over your beard putting emphasis on the bits that need the extra love and attention. Style as you would using pomade/ gel in your hair. Work it into shape and you’re good to go! Looking good, smelling even better.

* We have unscented beard butter available for those who prefer to let their beard oil hog the limelight. SHOP THE RANGE


For those of you rocking the Tash, here’s a treat for you. Our Tash Wax has one main purpose and that is for styling your moustache. Our wax is a soft hold so your moustache keeps a natural hold.


Scoop out a small amount of Tash Wax and rub between your fingertips to allow the heat to soften for use. Simply work the moustache into the desired style and the wax will do the rest. Get creative with it!

If you’d like any advise with what to use, feel free to ask! We’re know a thing or two that can help you make your choice. SHOP THE RANGE



People tend to assume any old shampoo will clean your beard and do it’s job. Beards are very sensitive to certain ingredients so it’s best to use grooming products that are tailor made to their needs. Using the wrong product can dry out your facial hair and give a tough texture which can be hard to style. Braw Beard Wash is a thoughtfully made, unscented organic soap. PLUS, The slick, black packaging looks awesome in next to your sink.


Run water through the beard and make sure it’s damp. Apply 2 x pumps of the wash into your palms and rub in circular motions through your beard. After about 30 seconds rinse thoroughly, making sure it’s all out of your beard. This beard wash doesn’t lather as expected from regular shampoo. SHOP ONLINE



Every day our skin is subjected to various factors that can effect our skin and unbalance the natural oils. This tends to surface in a number of ways like dry, flakey areas, itching and skin irritation. Braw Athletes are a prime example, they each live completely different lifestyles full of intense exercise, extreme weather conditions and they all rock a mighty fine beard. After popular demand, Braw created The Battle Scar Moisturiser to counteract day to day battles. Unscented to allow your beard oil scent to excel.


Only a small amount is needed for a good coverage. Massage into your skin covering your face and neck. Not necessary for applying to the beard. Depending how dry your skin is apply once in the morning and once at night to give your skin back it’s natural armour. SHOP ONLINE 


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Author: Felicity Pearson

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