Our world of social media is a buzz with the build up to our 4th Anniversary. Mr Braw, as ever, has made it a celebration to remember. The Brawtherhood have been on tenter hooks awaiting the reveal of the 3 chosen winners of our Mystery Box Competition. So before we revel what we have in store..






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Naturally Braw has a few things in store and more will be announced throughout October. For now.. Prepare yourself for the unveiling of our Brand New Beard Butter!



Standing out from our current range of scents with it’s blend of sweet vs. citrus, a classic favourite that we couldn’t resist turning into a Braw treat.

A comforting smell that will make the senses tingle in the run up to Christmas. We’re super proud of the packaging with our striking logo sitting pride of place in the mash up of Halloween colours. With so many awesome festivities ahead, this beard butter represents all the best smells.

14527556_10157453625790368_1555404159_nIn creating the Chocolate Orange scent, John experimented with a variety of natural oils and introduced some new oils into the mix including shea butter and cocoa butter. Beeswax is a base ingredient that provides your beard with a strong hold which is ideal for styling and straightening out stray hairs and matted patches. It’s easy to work the butter into the hair and provides further nourishment to the skin underneath and the hair itself.


Taken from our Instruction Manual, learn more on the benefits of beard butter and tips on how to use it. For the more experienced beards, scroll to the bottom to see other newest products!


One thing that people struggle with the most is keeping their beard in shape. Your beard likes to take the lead and go it’s own way so often you can be left fighting strays. Beard Butter is a silky smooth compact serum that really helps combat the beard and makes you the boss. The butter properties are what smoothes and softens the hair and moisturise the skin underneath. Often when growing your beard your skin can become dry and flakey. Working in the beard butter really balances out the skin. We recommend using our Braw Beard Comb as it exfoliates the dead skin underneath the beard while combing the butter through the hair. The density of the beard butter is what gives your beard a great hold and a healthy shine.


Beard butter is usually applied after Beard oil however, it can be used on it’s own. Simply take a small amount onto your finger and rub between the fingertips until it melts to a thick liquid. Work through the ends and over your beard putting emphasis on the bits that need the extra love and attention. Style as you would using pomade/ gel in your hair. Work it into shape and you’re good to go! Looking good, smelling even better.

* We have unscented beard butter available for those who prefer to let their beard oil hog the limelight. SHOP THE RANGE








Author: Felicity Pearson

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