Britains Brawest Beard



As you may have seen in our previous post Mr & Mrs Braw packed up the Brawmobile and headed down south to Liverpool. As proud sponsors, Braw started the weekend off on a high, hosting the official Pre-Party. EBGBS was full to the brim of bearded men with an electric atmosphere. Everyone was buzzing in wait for the Championships taking place the following morning. As an ice breaker, to get everyone warmed up Braw threw a competition, testing the willing contestants to shove as much stuff in their beard as physically possible.

With great efforts and some crazy props.. we had a winner!14658156_10157535183165368_1440307845_n

Now, for the rest of the weekend..


With the Braw den set up, a shiny display of all our new products and a smell of men vs. beard oils in the air.. St. Georges Hall was ready for the madness. It was the perfect place to debut our newest shiny toys, The Braw Cufflinks & The Braw Hipflask.

We met an incredible group of characters each with their own unique style, absolute legends. The beards lined up and took to the stage to be judged for each category, wowing the audience with their impressive beards and some could only be described as artwork!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mrs Braw was even asked to get in on the action when she was asked asked to judge several of the categories and choose a rightful winner. After years of practice admiring her own bearded man, she was the right woman for the job! By the looks of it… she loved every second!

We want to give a big thank you our to The BBMC for having us, we had an awesome time! Hope to see all of the friendly faces again and for now.. onto the next one!

Look out for our trademark van, Braw on Tour!


Author: Felicity Pearson

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