It’s time for us to welcome The Brawtherhoods first new athlete of 2017:




Hard to believe you won’t already have heard of Jacks fierce edge in the world of wrestling. Known as an Original Member of Insane Championship Wrestling and the main man in The British Wrestling Revolution. 

With 15 years in the industry, Jack has battled his way to the forefront of wrestling, starting out with small crowds dotted around the rooms, last year he performed at The SSE Hydro to over 6,000 screaming fans, his largest crowd yet. Proving hard work and determination pays off, Jack is leading Scottish wrestling to success and dominating.

With such an incredible career, I asked Jack what he considered to be his proudest achievements:

“I think above all else, knowing that I was a main part of the British Wrestling revolution is something I can claim that not many can. Personally though my proudest achievement is selling out the Barrowlands in Glasgow on the back of my match alone, not only is the venue rich in musical history but it was also the the room in which my Grandparents first met almost 70 years ago. Strange to think if that building didn’t exist neither would my family.”

Jacks career is thriving and with a successful future ahead, our collaboration will be a great one. To honour this occasion, we’ve re-released The Arctic Explorer Beard Oil with his own custom design label.


Famous for his bad ass attitude and insane skills, Jack will now be a familiar face of our brand. You can see why we had to have Jack join our team, what we wanted to know is what does Jack like about Braw?

‘Ever since I was introduced to the products I’ve been a fan, they do exactly what they claim to do which can’t be said for others. Everything from the names to the artwork give off a cool vibe and it was something I was happy to get behind. Basically if it makes me smell good, makes my beard shine and stops my neck from itching…I’m all over it!’

Watch Jack Jester online:

  • The British Wrestler (VICE)
  • Smack ‘Em Up (RTÉ)
  • BBC documentaries: Insane Fight Club
  • Insane Fight Club 2

Get in on the action and watch Jack work the crowds, Here’s some dates to keep free:

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 14.35.13.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-30 at 14.35.06.png

We’ll keep you up to date with his fights and latest news.
Follow him online and here from the man himself:





This weekend we launched our all new luxury Beard Brushes! Carved from Bamboo, this lightweight brush really works in amongst the hairs and eliminates dry skin while conditioning product evenly throughout the beard. Preventing tangled hair, your beard will feel softer and healthier.


We always aim to build on our current range and expand our products to be the best of the best. Any new products we create are the next step in luxury beard care and guarantee to further grow your benefits from grooming.

If you have any questions on our product range, contact at any time for expert advise!

Author: Felicity Pearson

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