Braw Beard Oils Founder, John, set out on the mission of organising Scotlands first Braw Beard & Moustache Championships. After months of planning, The Braw BMC is less than 10 days away. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, here’s why you should..


b0113cf4-e100-44d1-9155-6529781bca64.jpgLIVE MUSIC

Brawtherhoods own, The King Lot will be playing a live set including some songs from their new album! Not only are we Brawthers, we are massive fans. Every gig is electric, these guys are guaranteed to create an amazing atmosphere!


The main event of BRAW BMC is of course, the competition. We have a selection of beard experts travelling from all over the globe making their way to the heart of Scotland, competing to be The Best of The Best.



  • Best Moustache
  • Best Partial Beard
  • Best Freestyle
  • Best Over 4″ Styled
  • Best Under 4″ Styled
  • Best Over 4″ Natural
  • Best Under 4″ Natural
  • Best Ginger Beard
  • Best Fake/Creative Beard
    If you want to enter the competition and show off your glorious beard, read our list of categories and see where you can crush your opposition. Win yourself a Braw BMC Trophy, Braw Goodie Bag + Professional Headshot, courtesy of Number94 Photography.



With the celebrations taking place in Drygate, Glasgow, guests will have an array of delicious beers available to them. In amongst the competition the bar will be available for all to enjoy.. and may even steal the show!

8e4b2aa0-ace4-4e4d-8d45-f11d17e8847a.jpgBRAW MERCH AVAILABLE TO BUY

We couldn’t host the first ever Braw Beard & Moustache Championships without having our full range available to shop. With so many beards in one venue, we have everything needed for topping up beard kits alongside our own beard experts, on hand for any questions guests may have!
In the run up to the event, John has been busy with media and press interviews so we had to catch him for our very own Braw exclusive!
“For those who’ve bought / or are looking to buy their tickets, Why should they be excited for Braw BMC?”
This is the first time a Beard and Moustache Championship has taken place in Scotland. We have some of Europe’s best beards, beer and a band in one night… and it’s in a brewery! What’s not to like?
“What made you come up with the idea to launch BRAW BMC?”
We have had it on our list for a while, after supporting The Liverbeards with the British Beard and Moustache Championships, it made sense to make the move and get the Braw one underway.

“Do you see this being an annual event from now on?”

Most definitely.
“Who’s judging the competitions?”
Davie Easton (Former Glasgow Beard and Moustache Club President). Drew Johnson (Liverbeard Beard and Moustache Club President). WolverDean Reilly (the original Braw athlete and MMA personality). Tony Wright (Owner and head barber at Mohair Barbers, Glasgow). Dani Mountain (Beer and beard enthusiast) +1 more TBC.

“What are judges looking for? How can each contestant stand out?”

Each categories criteria will vary, I am not involved in the judging process but it’s all about presentation of your facial hair, overall appearance will make an impact, just stick to the rules within your category.
“Which category are you most looking forward to?”
Over 4” Natural is the busiest so far so that will be interesting. Also Freestyle, looking forward to the creations there.
“Being the founder of Braw, you must be pretty proud of how far the brand has come along, what’s your next step for Braw after this?”
Definitely, it’s been hard work and long hours but totally worth it. We are working on some new products, we have ALOT more trade shows lined up this year too so looking forward to seeing how 2017 unfolds.
Trophies at the ready, beard combs in hand, we’re ready to throw The Brawtherhood the ultimate celebration of all things beard and Braw! The perfect opportunity to take beardspiration and admire the creative minds behind the contestants. Bringing together the best characters from all over the world, all beards unite in the heart of Scotland!
Order your tickets now, don’t miss out on making history!

Author: Felicity Pearson

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