It’s nearly a fortnight since The Braw Beard & Moustache Championships took over Drygate Brewery and the hype is still going strong! The Brawtherhood has welcomed new members to the family and Braw is making a strong imprint on the press. In our last blog post, we covered the highlights and strengths of the event itself. So, this time around, I thought you guys would want to hear from the man behind the magic, John Jackson.

Organiser - John Jackson -Braw Beard.png


“So, we want to hear from the man himself, how did Scotlands first Braw BMC go?”

It went really well, it was amazing to see everyone turn up and take part. Some of the facial hair and outfits were exceptional.

“What were your personal highlights?”

The fact the event sold out the week before was a personal highlight. Also meeting so many new people, beard enthusiasts and fans was definitely a highlight.

“The attention from the press has been incredible, did you imagine it to be as successful as it has been?”

No I never imagined it would sell out, also never imagined we’d get invited on live tv to chat about it.

“So, 2018 Braw BMC is booked, what can we look forward to for next year?”

Tickets are already selling fast so that’s a good sign. We are getting more worldwide interest too so hopefully see more international entries.

“Do you think Braw BMC will ever venture to other countries?”

“I am not sure yet, it has been discussed.”

“Is there anything The Brawtherhood should be keeping there eyes peeled for in the coming months?”

We have a list of our upcoming events on our Facebook page and we are working on new products. All will be revealed soon.

Tickets are available to buy for contestants and spectators online for Braw Beard & Moustache Championships – 2018.

Let’s relive the moment JJ was on STV Live at Five with his brawthers Tony Wright & Iain Walker.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 08.16.12.png


drygate-graven_img_9275_1400_888_c1This Sunday, 5th March, Braw will be returning to The Dryate Brewery with a stand full of Braw Beard Care and hats. The first Sunday of every month, Drygate host The Urban Market where you can Shop, Eat, Drink, Repeat. Enjoy Delicious food, and outstanding beer, all under one roof. Keeping life easy, the market is Child / Dog friendly with Car parking available!



Has everyone seen our newest products? Head over to our online store and enjoy our bloggers discount. We give our readers an exclusive 10% off ALL products. Kit yourself out with the best in beard grooming. Enter BRAWBLOG at the checkout.


Tag us in your pictures,
we want to see YOUR Braw Beard!



LAST, but not least!

Author: Felicity Pearson
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