This week is all about Braw Beard and Moustache Championships, the excitement is building, the beards are growing and the beer is brewing! We’ve talked you through the event itself but this feature is focused on the boys in charge: the judges.
Alone, these guys are an impressive bunch with an array of characters set to be pure entertainment. The judges are the ones who hold the power, they are the ones who dish out the trophies and declare who’s beards are the best. So.. who are they?



Liverbeard Beard and Moustache Club PresidentDrewJohnsonbig.jpg

Last October, Braw Beard were proud sponsors of The British Beard & Moustache Championships. Having had an incredible weekend, partying with the wild lads in Liverpool, introducing them to Braws full range of mens essentials, we then teamed up with Liverbeards to bring to you Scotland’s first Braw BMC. It’s only right that the Club President takes centre stage, judging.  Be sure and grab a beer with Drew and feast on his words of bearded wisdom.
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Former Glasgow Beard and Moustache Club President


Being a main contender in the GBMC, Davie has a great background in the world of beards. Rocking a mighty fine beard himself, he’ll be able to bring his knowledge and experience to the table and judge a pro beard when he sees one. The GBMC are regularly gathering together, celebrating great beards and even greater beer! Bringing along his crew, this crowd are a welcome addition to the Braw BMC.
Join the lads before the show and get the party started early!
Crystal Palace on Jamaica street from 3pm
Just look for the table with beards, burgers and beers
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The original Braw athlete and MMA personality




A familiar face to The Brawtherhood, Dean has been a member from early on. Most of you, no doubt, will have seen if not own his signature Beard Oil: WULVERDEAN. He is also the face of Thrilla in Vanilla which has gone on to be one of our best selling beard butters! Over the years, we’ve followed his career and admired his continuous support of Braw Beard Oils. As a main asset to this brand, it was inevitable he would have a place on the judging panel.
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Wulverdean Reilly Signature Oil


Owner and head barber at Mohair Barbers, Glasgow

Tony is a close friend and Brawther to The Braw Beard brand. Host of The Braw Beard Experience, John and Tony regularly tour together, taking their ultimate partnership to beards in need all over the UK. With his bad ass skills, Tony is the genius behind many stylish men. With years in the industry, Tony will be looking at each beard category with a technical approach, possibly giving him a different opinion on who the deserving winners are.
Book your appointment at MOHAIR, more than just a barbers.


Beer and beard enthusiast


We couldn’t have a line of judges without a womans point of view, fingers crossed she’ll keep the lads in line!


At the event, once again, we’ll be raising money for Cahonas Scotland through a raffle, so be sure to bring some change to get yourself in for a chance to win some goodies and help a great cause!
A charity committed to raising awareness of Male Cancers and are here to literally talk bollocks!
We exist to educate people about the signs and symptoms of Male Cancers and the importance of early detection, to remind them to regularly self-check their testicles and to reduce embarrassment and stigma relating to Male Cancers.
If you would like to donate money or learn more about their organisation, have a look on their website which covers all bases. Feel free to contact their team with any questions!


As a brand who work with a large audience of men, we believe it’s really important to be able to encourage our Brawthers to check yo’ self! Looking out for one another, sometimes you have to look out for yourself. Here’s their guide to noticing anything out of the ordinary, it only takes a few seconds out of your day.



We’ll be bringing you more updates and introducing you to the faces behind the event, making it legendary! Stay tuned and see you soon..
Author: Felicity Pearson
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